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歪歪, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Article Response: "China and the Limits of Hypothetical Hegemony" (2024)

Published in Security Studies 33 (1): 152-159.

This is a response to Darren J. Lim and G. John Ikenberry's (2023) article "China and the Logic of Illiberal Hegemony" from Security Studies 32 (1): 1-31.

Published in International Studies Review 23 (3): 807–34.

Published in The Chinese Journal of International Politics 12 (1): 61–91 (co-authored with David Skidmore).

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Matthew D.Stephen and Michael Zürn, eds. 2019. Contested World Orders Rising Powers, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Politics of Authority beyond the Nation State. Oxford: Oxford University Press.